How to Build a Quinzee: Winter Fun in the Snow

Who here likes winter?

Typically not me. I am a warm, summer breeze kind of girl who likes to lay on the beach or dig in her garden or go for a hikes through green forests. I am not a girl who likes frozen toes and runny noses and cars that don't start because it is minus 40 degrees outside. 

But since I am Canadian, and we Canadians get winter for 3/4 of the year (at least, it seems that way) every year I try to make the most of winter and look for fun winter adventures to pass the long, chilly months away.

About six years ago I wrote a post about some of the activities available to those intrepid people who choose to celebrate the winter weather, and in that post I mentioned building a quinzee.

J.J. Collett Natural Area: Central Alberta's Wilderness Park

The area where I live, near Lacombe, Alberta is part of beautiful central Alberta. Our region is dominated in the summer by lush rolling hills, golden fields of canola or wheat, and patches of thick deciduous and coniferous trees dotting the landscape. It is serenely beautiful for a farming area. In the winter, our fields fill with blankets of white snow, while the green needles of the pine trees give colour to the land.

The area is not what I would call wild, although it is pretty. The many farms and fields ensure that wherever you go, you know civilization is close at hand.

I Got a DJI Spark Drone for Christmas - And Here's What I Learned

The biggest item on my Christmas 2017 wish list this year was a drone. I have been drooling over drone videos on YouTube for quite some time, wishing I was a) at each and every one of those beautiful locations and b) filming my epic journey with a drone, creating footage worthy of a Lord of the Rings movie.

My husband granted me part B of that wish. He bought me a DJI Spark drone for Christmas, and I nearly cried with joy.

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Happy 2018, dear readers! I hope that you all rang in the new year in good health, with happiness, love, and laughter. And if not, I hope at least you got an excellent sleep and woke up refreshed and ready for whatever 2018 may bring.

The Ultimate (Online) Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers

It is November 22nd, and my Christmas tree is up. Students at my school have been requesting a ridiculous Jingle Bells remix song on repeat. My kids have already had one visit with Santa Claus, for goodness sake. Yes, it is safe to say that the holidays are officially here. 

With that comes one of the season's most challenging aspects, for me at least: choosing the perfect Christmas gift. (Or whatever denomination you celebrate - we do Christmas in our house.)